Friday, 16 July 2010

Holiday & crochet

Piktoland, studio and shop, will be closed for next two week, it’s time for a holiday.

Big Bear, the Piktos and myself will be flying somewhere blue and sunny, to relax and recharge

It’s going to be strange, because I’m not used to take that much off work, and usually I take a bit of work with me.

But this year I’ve decided to take a proper break from everything. Of course I’m going to take a notebook and some pens and markers, for general doodling, but mostly I’m just going to relax and enjoy a bit of “sweet doing nothing”. And some crochet.

I haven’t done any crocheting in ages! And all my previous experiences with crochet involved getting passionate about a project, usually something wearable, making it and then put everything away and forget about crochet. I’ve never been interested in the technique in itself.

This time is different, I want to experiment with the technique, have fun with the process and enjoy its relaxing properties. Also it’s good to do something completely different, cut away from the usual,play a bit, to stimulate the creative process in new ways.

We’ll be back at the beginning of August with new exciting projects and products.

See you then!

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